Tuesday, July 10, 2012

VBS 2012 - SKY!

From July 9-13 I'm working with an amazing team of 4 different Lutheran churches (Holy Trinity, Bethel Lutheran, Immanuel Lutheran and First Lutheran) to provide a free VBS program for children ages 3-12 called "SKY".

The theme for the week is "All things are possible with God!"

The preparation and planning for "Sky" started with a team of leaders from all four churches last fall and we've continued together on this huge effort all the way through to this weeks program.

Two weeks ago a group of volunteers spent countless hours: painting, carrying, and climbing to build the main stage set up, and decorating each station the groups of children will rotate through daily. 

Many people have made lists and purchased supplies for 125 youth and staff, as well as practiced skits, music, and Bible lessons to get ready for this week's event.

At this point I don't have total staff/attendee numbers - but that will come soon. What I can report on is the focus on teamwork, sharing and relationships that are already being built.

We are only two days in and we're having a great time. Our Mission this year is to collect funds for the ELCA Malaria Campaign for the purchase of mosquito nets for folks affected by this life threatening disease. As of today, our group has already collected enough money to purchase 6 nets! (The nets cost around $10.00 each. Vist the above link for more information on this ELCA mission.).

We are only two days into the adventure with SKY VBS - I can't wait to tell you about what surprise is right around the next, cloud!

Grace and peace,


As soon as I think I have a plan for what I want the post for each day of the week to be, I get distracted.

And before I know it - two days.
A week.
Or even two have passed.

Dear Blog -
don't think I've outgrown you.
I haven't.

It's just that I'm learning to juggle -
no re-juggle life and I'm not quite sure where to place our
quality time-yet.

I can blame it on Summer - and that would be part of it.
But theres more juggling going on in my heart and mind.
Once the order,
and rhythm,
and confidence are lined up...
the words will be too.

There are thousands of words just simmering below the surface -
and they will be done quite soon.
If we don't watch the kettle too close.

Always working towards the Ideal - even on the uphill.