Saturday, August 18, 2012

Clay jar

Image found at enewyork blog

Each step on this path has a purpose.
So why do we have to take detours to get to the place we started out for?
My head feels fuzzy, like I've just woken from a dream.
I need to know what are specters and mist, so I can navigate reality.
Help me not to forget my way there.
The directions should be memorable.
Some of these landmarks look and feel familiar.
But they are scattered and strange, like fragments of broken pottery.
Bring the shards together in a new way.
Maybe you could throw a brand new piece of greenware and fire it till it's shining.
Renew this wineskin to carry the contents to its intended vessel.
There is a thirst to be quenched.
Maybe this clay jar can help once again.
With your help, yes.

T.L. Eastman  Copyright August 2012

Ashville's Broccoli Garbanzo Feta and Pesto Salad Recipe -

For the last 12 years, my family and I often visit a local gem of a restaurant  to enjoy their pizza, wings and salads. Ashville General Store is one of my favorite places to take out-of-town friends because of the amazing variety on the menu, the small town charm of the store, and the wonderful staff. 

The owner, Jackie, was kind enough to give me the breakdown of one of my favorite salad treats they serve there: Broccoli Garbanzo Salad. Here is my first at-home attempt in making this tasty dish. It's easy and good for you. If you like, grilled chicken breast can be added to it to become a dinner entree instead of a side dish - but I've been happy having this salad any day of the week for supper!

Here's what's in it:Broccoli Crowns(Either steamed fresh or from frozen), garbanzo beans, green onions, feta cheese, green onions, fresh basil or pesto mix, chopped garlic, sunflower seeds - sesame seeds - black olives (if you like them), lemon juice, virgin olive oil and salt/pepper to taste.

Here's how to make it: Steam or blanch chopped broccoli until tender. In the last few minutes of blanching, toss chopped green onions into the water. Remove broccoli and onions from heat and drain immediately. While blanching the veggies, mix garbanzo beans, basil, feta, garlic and opt. items. Mix veggies and bean mix together. In a bowl mix olive oil and lemon juice. Mix just enough to lightly cover the veggie and bean mix. Add oil mix to bean and veggie mix and place in fridge until cool. When ready to serve, give salad a mix. if desired drizzle some olive oil and add salt and pepper over salad when ready to serve. 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Be like Herman and grow

When I was about 10 years old...

I remember my Mom coming home from a church activity with a jar of batter that was called 'Herman'. For the next several months, my mom baked many loaves of 'Herman" for me and my siblings to eat. Herman made a big impression on me. How could something so small make so many loaves of bread? How exactly did 'Herman' grow and regrow itself with very little involvement or fuss? 

As a child I began to think of 'Herman' as having his own personality. Herman was:
Smart, giving, easygoing, self sufficient, mysterious, smelly (like yeast), resourceful, and patient. The more I think about 'Herman' as an adult, I think his/her personality are ones I'd like to claim for my own. (Minus the smelly part of course.)

For the last several weeks, the gospel lessons for the lectionary readings have been about Jesus being "the bread of life". (John 6: 51-58) I thought about the ingredients of bread, the uniqueness of 'Herman' and the way that all these characteristics can point to Jesus.

Jesus gave of himself in a way no other dared; in his life and his death and Resurrection. I like the similar traits of Resurrection, revival, and renewal that are common to Jesus and 'herman'. Jesus challenges his followers that,

Very truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you."

Jesus knew that people needed something  (someone) to cause a change, growth, and renewal in their lives. In giving his own life, Jesus points us to his ways of living. 
Loving God, loving others, loving self....

By taking up (or in) a life like Jesus life can be found and lived. 

The recipe for 'Herman' isn't one that will last forever. Even 'herman' in all it ability does have a shelf life or limitation to it ability for renewal. Eventually, 'herman' wears out. Jesus however, does not have limitation on his ability to "make all things new". (Revelation 21:4-6) or give life to the fullJohn 10:9-11 ).

As I think of renewal and fullness, I can't help but ask the prayerful question:
"What needs renewed or filled in me?"

Jesus, I need to grow in many of the areas that seemed so natural for 'Herman'. Help me to allow for some remixing so that true renewal can take place - renewal that will last longer than 'Herman'.

Where is renewal and filling needed? What is the most challenging about taking Jesus into life? What is one Jesus or 'herman' trait that would be most helpful as a part of intrinsic character?

For the actual recipe for 'Herman' go the this link at All

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A gift for Mary. Just in time.

Recently, I learned that on the liturgical calendar that "Mary's Assumption" or feast day
is August 15th. About a week ago, I painted this watercolor of the Madonna as a sample
 idea for my friend Archie's current writing project. Somehow it seems right that this
 work "arrived" just in time for Mary's Day. 

I hope this mixed media work brings some beauty to your heart.
Thank you Mary for the gift of faithfulness and beauty you gave to the world.

Grace and Peace,