Saturday, August 18, 2012

Clay jar

Image found at enewyork blog

Each step on this path has a purpose.
So why do we have to take detours to get to the place we started out for?
My head feels fuzzy, like I've just woken from a dream.
I need to know what are specters and mist, so I can navigate reality.
Help me not to forget my way there.
The directions should be memorable.
Some of these landmarks look and feel familiar.
But they are scattered and strange, like fragments of broken pottery.
Bring the shards together in a new way.
Maybe you could throw a brand new piece of greenware and fire it till it's shining.
Renew this wineskin to carry the contents to its intended vessel.
There is a thirst to be quenched.
Maybe this clay jar can help once again.
With your help, yes.

T.L. Eastman  Copyright August 2012

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