Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleeping with Bread: downs and ups

Pic Heather took of me October 2008.

Least grateful for:
The mouse that has taken up residence in my kitchen since the nights have turned cold.
Discussions that only run in circles because one or both parties in the discussion aren't listening and only want to be "right".
Leaves that fall in my yard the day after I thought they were all raked and chopped up in my reel mower.
Seeing things glass half empty.
Home and appliance repairs that need to be done.
Learning how to re-balance everything in my life.
Being late with Sleeping with Bread.

Pic Heather took of me Oct. 2008

Prime Minister Crew 1990 or so.

Most grateful for:
The way and means of relocating Mr. Mouse.
Discussions that run all over the place, where everyone is heard as well as listened too and great discoveries are made in all the conversational meandering over coffee and tea.
Canopies of yellow, orange and red that fall and cover the neighborhood like a cozy blanket.
Knowing that things are really glass half or almost all the way full.
Getting to the Y and working out and finally hearing "Wow, have you lost weight?" after a spring and summer worth of jogging.
Spending a sunny autumn Saturday tie-dieing clothes with my kids in the yard.
Decorating for Halloween.
Making art with kids.
Leading worship on Sunday evening: what a great restful atmosphere there was!
Sending more of my CD's out to friends and family - thanks guys!
Old pictures that tell me where I was and new photos to tell me where I'm headed.
Getting a new job that I think I'm going to love!

Me at Geneva Collage after a very loud gig in 1990 0r 91.

More bread to come.


Mary-LUE said...

This was fun today, Tara! Look at you... your now pictures look great and your then pictures... a blast to the past for sure. I love you rocking the long and curly locks.

I love the symmetry of your post. Mel's was similar this week and I think it shows how you can find the good in almost any situations.

Thanks for baking... better late than never, I say!

Jay said...

Check out all that hair! Yeah!

Mel said...

Wow those photos tell stories!

And I liked the texture of your bread--the chaff with the grain, the good in the circumstances when you broaden your perspective.

Yup.....I had a similar 'tap' on the shoulder from the Big Guy.

Thank you for sharing with us--no matter which day of the week!