Thursday, October 09, 2008


Where are the things that make me want to care,
for something more than stuff to get and stuff to wear.
The model of better life does not mean
designer life, designer cars and designer jeans.

Cars they rust and jeans wear thin -
when they are gone what will I begin with again.

Wonder and beauty are all around us you see,
under our noses and feet and not what they try to sell you on TV.

Think of the days before you had all you have,
are you amazed by the contentment in hand?
Stuff in itself can be shiny new and pretty,
but what happens when its no longer on display as something you'd fancy.

How much is enough? Can we every really tell? When tripping through the hallway on something you really ought to sell.

Sell for the space and the room to breathe.
Sell for some food for someone in need.
Sell for the sake if breaking free,
from the things we think are important -
and in the end they aren't.
Only then can we see.


Amastreetkid said...

love this blog entry! Sarah

Lamont said...

Thanks for reading!