Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dreams leave you wanting

When in my dreams, conversations are filled with lists of what I've done wrong
I'm thankful that my wakeful ones are not.

When worry causes me to think of what might be the worst case scenario is right around the corner, I'm thankful when my reality is better than what I expected.

I begin to wonder though, in all this thinking about my life and my world -
what is the rest of the worlds reality?

Are they safe?
Did they have a warm bed to sleep in?
Were they able to fill up their gas tank on the way to work this morning?
Could they buy a coffee to warm their chilled hands?
Or did they have to walk to work?
Do they have work to go to?

Sometimes when driving a late model Buick you can begin to want something newer,
until you realise you may be living someone elses someday dream.

T.L. Eastman 2008

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