Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm not so good at this

Taking a break from the rush of my life.
Going somewhere where I feel no connection to:
faces I know, names I know, places I know.

Should I take a few days? Should I take a few days?

Getting re-focused and establishing space;
to listen, to pause, to wander on a walk with an unspecified pace.

Talking and writing and doing I do best;
but time outs without defined purpose are difficult and challenging quests.

I should take a few days, I should take a few days.

A friend said, you may not know the purpose, but Papa knows the way.
So I suppose I should hang up my drivers seat for a few short days.

Its just a few days, its just a few days.

So I'll make some new friends and relearn to play,
like slumber parties of my youth and its unstructured way.

I will take my few days, I will take my few days.

Image ironically found at a blog called: Mom's time out.

1 comment:

Mel said...


I'm thrilled for you!
Mom's time out--an awesome thing!

You GO, MOM!!