Saturday, March 28, 2009

Over the Rhine Saturday - New and old

Ah it's finally a free Saturday in spring. What better way to enjoy the day then to listen to some new and old tunes by one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine.

Here's a video and lyrics for an Over the Rhine song that is new to me, "Desperate for Love". The claymation in the video is clever I think. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a video for "Everyman's Daughter." One of my favorites. But here is the link to OTR's website. Check them out if you get the chance. Lovely, thoughtful music indeed!

Desperate For Love

Are you feelin’
A little desperate
Get on your knees
And confess it
Honey please
Don’t second guess it
You’re desperate
For love

Is this just
A little fling
Or is it about
A little bling bling
Either way
You feel the sting sting
You’re desperate
For love

It might only take a kiss
For the plot to take a twist
That you hadn’t counted on

Just a tiny little minute
But eternity will be in it
If you turn me on

Red wine on my lips
Got this black silk slip on my hips
The kitchen faucet just drips and drips
You’re desperate for love


Look inside for the elusive goldmine.
Broken glass and a little cheap
wine is all that I can find.
And bundles of contradictions,
my heart full of loose connections,
hands across my eyes.
I cannot disguise I'm everyman's daughter.

It's always the same old question.
Who am I and whose invention?
This armour's full of dust.
There's so much of us in each other.
If I hate you you're my best reminder of all I wish I was.

I hate you just because I'm everyman's daughter.

Who do you think that I am?
It don't matter long as we can understand.
I am hurting someone.
I am hurting someone just like, just like you.

Insulting the wounds of others, my sisters, my brothers, my vision's way too good.
I carry the inward aching.
Like you, I too am naked.
I don't look that good, but this is flesh and blood. I'm everyman's daughter.

Look at all the blood we've spilt.
I can't deal with all this fundamental guilt.
I am hurting someone.
I am hurting someone just like, just like you.

I am. I am. I am everyman's daughter.


Mel said... I'm going to have to find the song since the lyrics are wonderful....

Lamont said...

It's so worth the search!

Lamont said...

If I find it I'll let you know.

dianne said...

so Terry went to Q and I guess this group was there and it reminded me of this post. i had downloaded a few tracks but not listened to much. but now i'm listening to on for free (mostly older stuff) and LOVING it! i had to come back and thank you!! i guess i could blog about it but that'd take too much effort!!

Lamont said...

Dianne -
I was already envious of Terry and the Q opportunity all on its own, and now Over the Rhine too!

Q needs to be a priority for me to get too sometime. So glad you enjoyed the music link. It is wonderful, thoughtful music isn't it?