Saturday, April 18, 2009

Woosh Saturday flew by!

Saturday morning was filled with a meeting for Mr. E for work, Nigel and his friend visited Grandma's house, Heather was at a bonfire and sleep over the night before and I was up with the birds (not my usual Saturday habit.) to prepare and participate in my first 5k since last August.

I had been invited to sing the Star Spangled Banner by some of the folks that hosted this 5k fundraiser for the Anew Center (an agency that aids people recovering from Domestic Violence). All the night before, I kept running the words and music over and over again the the song. It was to be sung acapella and at 9am in the morning. I grabbed the mic and did my best. The crowd was gracious and cheered me on.

It was a nice run/walk and I met up with a previous co-worker; so I had company on the race. Man, is she a fast walker! It ended up being easier to jog than to walk at her pace, but I finished the race and managed to run a little over 1/2 of it. I kept reminding myself about the principal of practice. The race proved to be another opportunity for practice, not perfection - practice.

After the race, I met my daughter and friends for lunch, then I went for a drive, met a very nice dog, and returned home to find my son and hubby back at the house and hungry.

The late afternoon turned into adventures in toilet repair and many trips to the hardware store. I have to say, I've never been so thankful for 2 toilets in my house than before today.

For silliness sake here is my:

Ode to a broken commode

Water rushing, toilet flushing that is what you're built for to.
The base is leaking, my sock is dripping, tell me what to do.

We buy some wax to seal the leak and in it placement,
the tank breaks from the bowl - things are looking bleak.

Back to the store once more and again (is that four trips in all or more?), to get the parts to put it back together again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
and as you did not survive that fall.
I'll work, I'll will and maybe I'll survive this porcelain drill and be able to use that potty again.

I know - how terrible a poem. I think that someone more experienced in plumbing needs to come to our rescue. I'll trade you a poem for your time - and a much better one than above.

What an activity filled Saturday it was. How was yours?


Mel said...

I am not laughing.
I am not laughing.
I am NOT laughing.

Oh me who wanted to 'save' myself the cost of a plumber......who has a $500 dollar toilet now. LOL

I love that toilet....LOL....mostly I love the lesson. Sorta? *laughing!!*

Mel said...

OH!!! And congratulations on finishing the race!!

Job well done!!

Lamont said...

I was laughing - it's ok. All is repaired now and thankfully not for as much as your toilet cost.
Yikes $500.00!

Woosh said...

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