Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moffet is telling the real story

Jamie Moffet is an independent film and documentary maker that I was introduced to when attending the book tour for Chris Haw andShane Claiborne's Jesus for President. Jamie followed the book tour interviewing and filming all the way and ended up creating a thought provoking documentary called, "Ordinary Radicals" investigating on the shifts in church and culture around us.

Recently Jamie has been working on a new documentary, focusing on the ongoing civil war in El Salvador and it's unexpected connections to the USA. While filming this current documentary, Jamie came upon an account of a recent murder investigation concerning a teacher and anti-mining activist, Gustavo Marcelo Rivera Moreno, who had recently gone missing from the tiny country town of San Isidro.

In addition to his original project, Jamie felt his purpose also included filming a short on the disappearance and murder of Mr. Moreno. The young man's murder was one particular in it violence that places it in the category of a death squad killing. For more information on the details concerning Mr. Moreno's murder and Mr. Moffet's short film read the article, "Down the well" at the Philadelphia Citypaper.

Both of these current projects are in the final stages of production, and based on the quality of Moffet's first film, I believe this next one will open eyes and hearts to the struggles of a country in the grips of civil war. Imagine, if there is a way for us to help and we find that answer simply by watching the film "Return to El Salvador".

May our hearts be opened by the real life stories Jamie takes the time and effort to tell.

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