Thursday, July 09, 2009

Working on it

After of working very diligently, minus some sweets every now and then, I've been on the wagon of exercise and eating "healthy" through June and into July and I'm doing rather well. I'm about 15 pounds down from where I was in spring thus far. To be honest, I've drank more fruit and veggie smoothies than I've had desserts - so it's not going too rough.

I'm mixing up the cardo and weight training, even added spinning and on my third week with that now - and have a session with a trainer later this week to make the best of my time at the gym.

I'm hoping all this work continues to pay off a few weeks I'm headed to New Orleans for a youth trip and will be away from my regular routine. I'm feeling a little nervous about that.

Any suggestions on staying "on the health wagon" while on the road and out of the norm? Comment away!


Matthew said...

Wow. I would be of no help here, seeing as my current regimen appears to be the polar-opposite of your own.

dianne said...

Wow, good for you! It is rewarding when you start seeing the fruit of your efforts. Oh and I love Anne Lamott too!