Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'd like to confess that...

Another thought on confession that I picked up on on page 80 of the text of Holy Conversations:

"We also need to confess that we have come to Jesus. Confessing sin is the negative side of confession ( saying no). Confessing Christ is the positive side (saying yes). Both confessing sin and confessing Jesus are necessary for new life in Christ."

When I think of the word confession, I tend to frame it in a primarily negative context. I think what is freeing about the above explanation is that it give a person a place to let go of what inhibits and then take up the thing that uplifts.

Jeff (from our facebook group) commented above on how "Confession is good for the soul" - I'd like to suggest that this entails both sides of confession, the - and the +. If the christian community were more likely to live out this way of confessional living, I believe it would breathe life into our communities.

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