Monday, May 24, 2010

SWB: Pieces of bread

Image from Little Dipper.

There are pieces of life's puzzle that help put things together and then there are pieces that make you feel like falling apart. When feeling weary, the mole hills can seem so much more like mountains, but then usually someone comes along and gently reminds you of their real perspective.

The small mole hills, as annoying as they can be, usually can't mess with the overall composition of the big picture.

Alongside of those mole hills, there is bread. Bits of bread that help to keep us in the game. These pieces of bread help to sustain us in all sorts of circumstances.

We are all at different stages in the puzzle of our lives. But we may have some things in common - like getting all the beginning edge pieces linked or working on the "sky" section of the puzzle. So often we feel like we are the only person that has had to work through such a difficult puzzle, but in all reality there is a 'someone' out there who has felt or dealt with something of the like too. We are not alone in our puzzle construction and there is some bread in the fact.

We need each other to be bread in the puzzles of life. We need perspective. We need encouragement. We need help sorting out what is and ISN'T a big deal. We need divine intervention and relationship. We need community, authentic and not just a word, community puzzle bread.

Where have you felt scattered this week and where have you felt 'put together'? Was there a someone helping you sort your pieces this week or were you helping someone else with their puzzles? Remember that even broken bread can be instrumental in creating some very delicious results. (Bread pudding, Stuffing...)

Not only can we be the recipients of bread, but givers too! May your bread basket always be full enough to share with someone else.

Image from the blog Delicious Meliscious.


Mel said...

There's a question I ask myself:

Where did I give help, where did I receive help?

It reminds me of places to go--

Well spoken, ma'am.

Lamont said...

This is another challenging part - the balance between where to go and where to give.