Monday, May 03, 2010

SWB: Voices

Today is traditionally my Sleeping with Bread post day where I follow the examen of discussion on the things or circumstances of the last week. This time around, the question of voices or direction came to the surface. So instead of a biographic review, I decided to speak via the medium of prose. As I wrestle with what voices (past and present) motivate the direction of life, this felt to me to be an appropriate way of sharing bread this week. Blessings to you all and may your bread be bountiful this week!

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Voices surround me.
Abound within a without of me.
And fill as far as the eyes can hear.

Can my ears see what they say -
or push away from the things I can't stand to hear.

Voices support me.
And some would like to thwart me.
From the places my life needs to go.

Can my heart sustain what repeats in my brain -
or flutter on impulse to and fro.

Clarity and vision would be the position that I'd like to forever take.
So I run towards the gate that leads to the way -
of promise, of hope and of faith.

I'd like to leave behind the ones without grace,
that hold me back from the true path that calls.
With you standing close by, my chances are nigh to swoop and to fly, no clipped wings in my wardrobe to wear.

A Voice sustains me.
And always retains a place to be.
If only my ears would always tune in and hear.

Yet, that dial is so tempting to turn.
When will this willful hand ever learn?
Those other frequencies have no joy to spurn.
They only chatter,and prattle and spin.

A Voice still calls me.
And knows the vision of all I should see.
As I press back to center to hear it again.

Then I will hear that Voice lovingly, gently, directing me
- in the path that once was only a far-off-hopeful-dream.
This Voice's dream I pray will become my reality.

T.L. Eastman May 2010


Mel said...

This, btw--is lovely. :-)

junebug said...

Beautifully written.

Lamont said...

Thanks all - you are lovely!