Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gifts and talents

Image from blog Gospel by ear.
"That twinkle of joy and love in your eye is the spark of heaven I needed to see."

I don't think there is anything better as a parent than to see your child rolling up their sleeves and digging into an activity that they truly love and are absorbed by.

There is a silent joy, an all inclusive involvement that looking from the outside we as parents get the opportunity to soak up and observe at times.

When considering how I love to see the gifts and talents of my own children be developed and implemented, I started to wonder if that is how G-d feels when observing each of his children when they are in the zone of their gifts and talents?

Does G-d beam with pride when the gifts he gave are cared for, developed and carried out to their fullest potential? I'm sure like other parents, G-d desires for each one of us to have life to the full and I think that includes this area of gift or talent.

I want to be a good steward of the G-d-given gifts in my life. I desire to dig in and be greater-involved in gift development. Gifts need to have deep roots and long arms to reach as far as their dreaming possibilities can touch. It is my hope that in all things, G-d will help me to fearlessly, trustingly, hopefully and humbly reach out, past doubt and apathy, to foster the gifts given and give back to others.

When I better live out the gifts G-d has given it is my hope to feel and someday see a "that's my kid" twinkle in G-d's loving eye.


Mel said...

Having had the wee person in my life for a week, I was privy to see total absorbtion into a number of things--made me smile. I'm sure G-d smiled, too.

Lamont said...

Ah G-d's gifts in action - nothing is better!