Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Days of summer

Image from Fudge Graphics.

The days of Summer 2010 were:

Getting lost on a trail hike at a park... we got caught up in conversation that we passed our parking area.

Watching my kids grow up even more.

Shouting while running from bear, "Bear in yard - NOT KIDDING!"

Playing music with friends Busker's style.

Saying farewell to a dear friend: Patrick Moser

Painting a big outdoor and indoor mural and making a new friends in the process.

Laughing and teaching the kids at VBS.

Getting really tan - for me. :)

Finding a new home for Roxy and finding my new-to-me green machine.

Knowing I can run to the top of that hill - and back. :)

Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center Summer Camp sessions.

Sharing my veggie share with my friends.

Waldameer Park day.



and dinners at Grandma's house after lawn work and swimming in the pool.

What a lovely summer...

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Mel said...

Dinners at g'mas house! :-)