Monday, October 18, 2010

SWB: Belonging Bread

Nope I'm not talking about being in the pits today, I'm talking about PTS as in Princeton Theological Seminary. Specifically the Certificate in Youth Ministry program. It's not that I'm trying to sell you on the program, even if I do happen to do that, what I'm trying to express and encourage you to consider today is this meme question: "Where do I have the greatest sense of and least sense of belonging?"

On Saturday, my husband, myself and two youth volunteers went to a one day intensive in Cleveland, Ohio that featured key note speaker Mark DeVries, and session leaders Becky Hart and Neil Myer. This day was a condensed version of what I experienced in April when I attended my Certificate retreat and Forum week on Campus at Princeton Seminary. If you are looking for a means of continuing education in the field of youth ministry, I'd insist you take a look at the program; but if you are simply looking for some "bread: for your Monday Sleeping with Bread - I have a point here as well.

On Saturday, when I arrived in Cleveland and saw some the faces of the peers from my cohort, I was washed over with memories of that week this April and a great sense of belonging. It was wonderful to introduce my peers to my husband, and for him also to be welcomed and loved right along with me. In the past seven months vocationally on a day to day basis, I've be feeling a little on my own. Having this day, and knowing there are more upcoming opportunities to be in that community, was uplifting to my heart. I'm so grateful to God for this gift of belonging bread.

So, how about you? In the last week or so, where have you felt least and most on the belonging? How has God tapped you on the shoulder to say, "See, I do love you an understand what you need." Where are you still needing a sense of belonging - or have you already found it?

On Saturday, there was no place like PTS because it felt like home - and that home was bread enough for me.

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