Thursday, December 23, 2010

What makes it feel like Christmas for you?

Is it the snow or the lights like in this song, that make Christmas feel like Christmas to you? Over the years the way I've marked this season has shifted and changed. As a child, I'd eat a piece of candy from the Advent Gingerbread house each day to count down to Christmas. This year, with the celebration of Advent a local neighbor had a digital sign to count down to Christmas day.

There are baked good exchanges, cards from old friends in my mailbox and annual mission projects that are worked on and thankfully now fulfilled; all these mark the season for me.

As Christmas Eve swiftly approaches, my mind is turning to what Mary and Joseph might have been experiencing on the road that first Christmas. To them and the world - it all was new! As I come again to the eve of Jesus arrival, there are the familiar things of this season; but I will try to imagine and live in the new expectation of what this Christmas brings.

Little Christ Child - may I celebrate not only what I know and understand about your coming, but may I be willing to see and experience it as if it were the first time as well. Help me to be open and make room for you on this special Christmas.

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