Monday, January 03, 2011

SWB: Moving out of Insanity's neighborhood

Albert Einstein said that Insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Some times I wish problems would simply disappear. The little Pollyanna in my head will distract me and by nature of the business of life; I am successfully distracted from dealing with what needs to be dealt with. The coming of the new year brings with it a multitude of resolutions for many people. Fill in the blank with whatever resolution has been buzzing about your mind..." This is the year that I will....: loose that weight, quit smoking, take that trip I've been dreaming of, and so on and so on.

I don't mean to come off as sarcastic, but there is a clue (often one I've honestly missed) generally right before the word 'resolution' when people use it and it's "new". In order for a resolution to make an impact, it require some new perspective or motivation. In the last year, there were some issues that kept dogging me that I did not take necessary action on and in the light of the new year I was coming to greatly regret. The detachment and ignoring of this problem was only causing me other avalanches of trouble. So, in the light of this new 2011 my new resolution was to step out into this problem and try to come to a means of solution.
Today, I took a step in that direction.

In Sleeping with Bread's history; we have always shared what things take away and give us life. The other day, I heard a message that challenged me in how I was approaching the less than and more thans of life. By the speakers words, I was encouraged to allow the first steps of the new year to be ones that more surrendered to trusting and walking with God. I was struck by how for so many months, I'd assumed that this problem was one I'd have to deal with on my own. In my fear, I was not allowing God the space to comfort and help me deal with the difficulty. Guess what guys, I was yet again trying to do things on my own.

God has been kneading my heart, in order that I trust him more - even in the places that I sometimes think are are too tough to work out.

So this place of bread baking is one that I pray you will share your stories of kneading and rising, of re-kneading and baking, of waiting and fulfillment. By means of grace, mercy and love; God has moved into all our neighborhoods - its up to us if we are going to open our doors, our lives and our bread to him. The bread for me this New Years week, is to embrace the truth that God always wants to be involved in my life; it's just sometimes - well a lot of the time - I want to have all the kinks worked out before he comes through the door.

Today I took a step out of fear's neighborhood, and moved a little closer to a space of mercy and trust. May you be blessed with lots of kneading and rising with the Baker. He's just waiting for you to open the door -
one step at a time.

How is New Year's Bread for you? Please share your comments - The thing about bread is it's better with community. We all can share in the efforts and struggles of the kneading process as well as savor the taste and smell of just-baked fresh bread.

God's grace and peace to you in 2011!


Mel said...

G-d's grace and peace to you, ma'am.

I know about the 'lemme get back to you when I've got it figured out' deal. Seems I've been doing a whole parcel of that as of late.

The photo reminded me--trust.
Last month I pulled out the 'faith' necklace, this month I'll find that 'trust' rock and stick it on my person, daily.
I need to carry it and beat myself with it when I start that 'lemme get back to ya once I've figured this out' jazz. *sigh*

Tara Lamont said...

I need a trust rock, necklace or something myself. Ahh... or maybe another wrist tattoo....I still have a naked wrist you know. :)