Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 1: Self-Portrait and 15 facts

Last weekend I watched several episodes of "30 Days" with Morgan S. He' the guy that did the movie "Super size me" a few years ago. While on Facebook, several friends have been posting "30 photos in 30 days". Since I've been a little busy, I've found it hard to be as consistent here at Uphill Idealist - so I thought I'd borrow this 30 day format to get "refocused" here. I think 30 days of photos and blogging might be just the muse I need.

So cheers to life in pictures and on to day one!

Day 1: Self Portrait and 15 facts...

1. When I was little I either wanted to be a ballerina or a card artist for Hallmark.

2. I am a youth and family minister (which requires some careful dancing) and have begun to reintegrate art into my life and vocation.

3. I love to read, but sometimes have a hard time finding time for it.

4. I hate matching socks.

5. I think my kids are fantastic, but are growing up TOO fast!

6. My household is more interested in science fiction than sports.

7. I have a way of getting to know lots of people, but those closest to me are my life.

8. I love to teach, write, sing and create.

9. Coffee shops that serve tea and breakfast are right up my alley.

10. I love to jog, but I'm not very fast.

11. I have two children, but my dog thinks she's my third child.

12. I have been with my husband (since we started dating) now for over half my life!

13. Madeline L'Engle is the person I most wish I'd met.

14. I can get lost in hardware stores imagining all what I could do with everything I find there.

15. I love the challenge of a big project, but have a hard time walking away from them once they are complete.


Tara Lamont said...

That was my hope - and having a focus point will be great!

Mel said...

Oh look---a project!

<-- has been catching up

Wow......and it's been a good catching up, too. :-)