Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 16: Someone who inspires you

I have a friend in my neighborhood who inspires me to take chances, go for the gusto, and appreciates who I am. Her name is Lois and if she knew I was writing this concerning her, she'd say something like "Oh stop!" and blush.

She is the person that proof read my papers when I was going to college.
She is the person that even in the midst of great physical challenge; gets in her car and drives her granddaughter to school each day.
She is the person that hugs me and tells me I'm beautiful; even when I'm in my sweats and my hair isn't done.
She is the person who challenges me to keep pressing on to pursue my dreams - even when the dream isn't too clear yet.
She is the person that gave me a big white platter when I graduated from College. On one of the first days we met we sat outside in the sunshine and ate fruit and cheese off a big white platter.

She knows that details matter. The detail that matters most to Lois is love and her love is an inspiration to me.


Mel said...

Okay...I really, really, really like Lois.

Tara Lamont said...

Me too. I think I'll print this and take it to her tonight. She'll blush, but get a chuckle out of it...