Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 23: My favorite book? How about a few really important ones...

I can't say that one book or another is my favorite. Some books seem to call your attention from the shelf saying "Choose me!". Others are gifted to you by a friend, family member and even a few strangers. So for now, I'll give you a few of the books that have found me at just the right moment...

I decided to go back to college as an adult student because of this book. Really.
Circle of Quiet

This one caught me up in the story and impacted my reality.
The Shack

This one was given to me by a friend during a time of transition. It took a little while for me to pick up, but once I got started it was healing and helpful to read.
Leaving Church

One summer I was reading this book at the beach, realized after the fact that I'd met one of the folks from this community earlier in the spring. Later that summer I met the author and by fall I had the privilege to sit down and have lunch with the author.
Soul Graffiti

I came across this little novel at a thrift store and read it on Christmas break. It was fun and you may enjoy it too.
My Name is Russell Fink

When I need to cut to the chase or hear scripture in a fresh way...
The Message Remix

I love this book. I never read it as a child, but bought it for my kids when they were little. Now they are teens and this book is now on my shelf for good.
Where the sidewalk ends


dianne said...

Well,you know how I feel about A Circle of Quiet - a life changer. I tried Russell Fink, and well, maybe I just don't read enough fiction to appreciate it. Love the Message. I'll have to check out some of these other books. The Leaving Church one looks especially intriguing.

I have loved this series. Where'd you get these questions? They are great!

Mel said...

Okayokay.....I'll pick up A Circle of Quiet. ya even KNOW what a stack I have going on over here......

jeanne said...

I may have to pick up "Leaving Church" and see if the pages speak to me. We are at a huge point of transition at our church with our dear Pastor of 34 years retiring last June, and our Associate Pastor of 5 years leaving us to return to school, in July. I feel broken, disconnected, frustrated ... and long to heal.

Time and patience ... I pray