Friday, April 08, 2011

The Triple A Toolbox

Triple AAA is the place you call when you are stuck in a ditch, your battery is dead or you have a flat tire. Either way, without Triple AAA or a car jack - you can't get anywhere very fast. Sometimes, you have to call for help and obtain the right tools to fit the challenge of becoming unstuck.

Last Fall I attended training with Charlie Roberts from the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Gettysburg.He spent some time teaching ways of fostering foundations for Youth Ministry, and ultimately the whole churches ministries, that last. One of this things he said was necessary for success, was recruiting and helping to develop "Triple AAA Adults" to help serve in ministry. Just like the folks you call when you have a flat tire, triple AAA volunteers help to build a strong foundation in ministry with their unique gifts. These volunteers build people up, help to develop meaningful cross-generational relationships in the church community and function in the capacity of a mentor/guide to the youth they serve.

Helping people to develop and maintain healthy relationships is an important part of ministry. When people look for a friend, they need that person to be authentic, available and affirming. As an adult, when I consider the best and closest relationships I have; they are ones built on authenticity, affirmation and availableness.

Triple AAA Volunteers are people of faith that have these same qualities of being:
1. Available, 2. Authentic, and 3. Affirming. Imagine for a moment what youth and even whole church ministry can look like when teams of available, authentic and affirming individuals work together to foster Christian faith and life through caring conversations, devotions, service, rituals and traditions.

In the next few months, FLC youth and family ministry will be seeking out triple AAA individuals to greater develop foundations for mission and ministry. Would you like to become a team member of the triple AAA's? Prayerfully consider joining a team of available, authentic and affirming hearts that come together to help people out of the ditches, get someone back on the road to spiritual wholeness and do more than change tires. With God's help, you can improve the life of the young person you serve and in turn, that young person might even change yours.

To learn more about Triple AAA adults and building foundations for youth and family Ministry, visit Vibrant Faith Ministries here.

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Available, Authentic, Affirming....

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