Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pizza parties lead to regular family devotions

Making time for God and Family

When my son and daughter were quite young, probably eight and four; my husband and I came across a book called “Making time for God: Daily devotions for children and families to share.” We had been looking for a new resource for our family as we had read through the ‘Beginner’s Bible’ many times and had even watched some “Veggie Tales” DVD’s from time to time for variety in our family devotion time. We were thankful to have received many devotional resources from family and church friends, but as our children grew we understood that they needed something a little deeper to wade into. When we first got the book, “Making time for God”, it seemed a little big as it contains 366 devotions to last the entire year. In the past, we would tell the kids – “ When we get to the end of this devotion book, we’ll have a “Pizza Party” to celebrate.” Each time we would wrap up a book, we would pick up a pizza, soda and chips and have our Family Devotion Celebration. When we changed over to the longer book, we simply adjusted the celebrations to happen at the end of each month. We worked together to find resources that worked with our busy lives and unique personalities and made adjustments to help make it work. The point of having family devotions isn’t to just finish the book; it’s purpose is to learn and grow in faith together in faith as a family and individuals.

This summer, I’d like to share this book with the community of FLC as well as some of the interactive prayer practices that have “worked” for my family along the way. Each
Sunday morning beginning on June 26th from 10am-10:25am, we will meet in the Fellowship room to share some family devotions together. Grandparents, parents, cousins, neighbors, teens, children and tots are all welcome to take part in this fun time of fellowship. In Christ, we are made a family and as a family we need the space and time available to grow. So, here is the time and space you’ve been asking for and who knows, maybe we’ll celebrate with a pizza party when we complete the series on August 7th.

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