Friday, July 15, 2011

A new bag

Image from "My Wedding Dresses etc blog".

Switching your purse can be a daunting task.

You have to find a replacement for the one you've been carrying, and even though the tearing straps are evident - a part of you wants to keep using it. It's a hard choice, when you change purses. Should you choose the casual one with lots of pockets (like you usually do) or do you choose the shiny sleek one that you can almost see your reflection in?

Once the purse is chosen, you then need to work out what goes where. What do you transfer over from one purse to the other? How do you organize it? What season can you and can't you use the purse in? Then theres the question - would your mother approve of the purse you've chosen? Most importantly, just how much is this new satchel going to cost you and is the cost worth all this effort?

Purses' are complicated business - I suppose that's why they make such a business out of making, selling and marketing them.

Purses, we're told by fashionistas, tell the world exactly what kind of person you are. Scattered, off-season, tearing at the seams, big, small, retro, colorful or drab- what you carry sends a direct message.

See this quote from the blog, "My Wedding Dresses etc" Blog:
"The bags are essential accessories for women. They have multiple functions and uses. These accessories allow to refine your look, to complement your clothing, wear your stuff and leave a lasting impression on others."

No pressure now. Just go out there and get a new bag.

To be honest, I end up choosing a bag that is washable, practical and will hold up to my rugged treatment of it. But somehow, thinking about purses so much makes my head hurt, because deep down I don't think I'm talking about purses at all.

What I am considering, really, is an altogether different kind of bag.

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