Monday, August 29, 2011

Wearing summer thankfulness all year round

(Image from Petco.)

Last night while waiting for my daughter to get done with work, I heard a chorus of geese singing as they were flying overhead. They were working on migration practice runs over the lake.
This morning, I went out for my usual morning trek, and found that I needed to keep my sweatshirt on throughout the whole jaunt. The foggy chill this morning was one I haven't felt in a while.
In these bittersweet moments ( I love the sounds of fall as well as cosy sweatshirts), I realize just how quickly this summer has rushed past me - and I feel as if I did not have the opportunity to be outside enough to take it all in!

There are moments in life so sweet and full of warmth that come too quickly and are gone too fast - just like this summer. This Monday Meme is an opportunity to think upon what need to be let go of, and what need to be held close. If I could, I'd attach all the lovely things about this swift summer to my cosy sweatshirt, just so I can 'wear' those balmy, sun-filled days - even in the midst of February's-multi-layered-clothing-just-because-of-the-gray-chill. Yes winter is coming, but not before the beauty, color, and crunchy leaf walking fall has it's bold and glowing say. There are loves and dislikes to every season.

So summer, the things I'd not attach from your season to my cosy sweater are:
temps so high that sweat runs down the back of the leg and into the crook of the knee, days too busy to get outside and play, fear of the unknown, a month without rain and then weeks full of rain - a little variety is good, saying no to time at camp because other work needed to be done, no time to read good books, rolled ankles that keep jogging at bay, and tiredness that won't go away.

The qualities of summer I would attach to my cosy sweatshirt are: s'more making with white chocolate, having a weed pulling race with my youth group, family adventures in day trips to art parks, reading a few wonderful gems of books, time with new and old friends, hunting for and finding that winery I'd been looking for, floating in Gram's pool and gazing at the puffy clouds in the sky, courage to keep going, a dog that is just as happy with long walks as fast runs, scrabble with twizzlers, and tiredness that finally says 'Uncle' to a good nights sleep in a night just chilly enough for wrapping up in a comforter.

Seasons may come and go, but an attitude of gratefulness and recounting what to be thankful for has the power to warm the heart in all sorts of weather, especially with the right cozy sweatshirt to wear.

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