Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swinging between

Image from Helex blog.

"It seems the swinging of life races between two extremes of beginning and end, birth and death, and light and dark.
It's raining tonight, the dog snores and the fridge hums; and the swinging is happening now.

The pendulum is racing down rain covered brick streets, past just yellow almost red stop lights.
Brakes squeal, horns blast and the safe space wins at this light.
But what will happen at the next intersection?

We could take up running up hills in rain storms to feel alive.
Our hearts would pound, our breaths would have to be deep and our
rain drenched legs would tremble to reach the top -
to sprint with arms flailing on the downhill slope that is just over the crest.

I can't answer if it's the beginning or if its the end.
But I can put on my sneakers, press the remote to start the car,
and open my umbrella and hold it upside down.

I will swing it side to side like this pendulum of life,
and catch each raindrop that falls from this unpredictable sky
and into my reach.

Quench this thirst, bring things into balance, and let this rhythm be one I've lived before."

T.L. Eastman Sept 2011

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