Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Grandmother Rain

(Myrtle Susan Rain around twenty years of age.)

Dear Grandmother Rain,

You're son Gary gave me this photograph of you a few years ago and I keep it on my shelf in my office. I don't know very much about you except that you passed away after and illness, when my Dad was about three years old. Dad(Gary) has very strong feelings for you and to this day will get misty when he shares those early-childhood memories with me. Years ago, I'd meet some of the great Aunts or Uncles when we'd make a trip to Pittsburgh for a reunion - and they would comment on how I resembled you. Dad always says I looked a great deal like you and from the photograph, it's easy to see that we have a close physical resemblance.

But I wonder if we are similar in any other ways?

I've wondered if you liked to read or paint?
Did you like to talk as much as I do?
Were you a writer as well?

By the strong connection Dad has with you to this day, I know you were (and are) a greatly loved Mom. All his brothers and sister always said you were a lovely caring person. French, George and Elmer (Bud) have passed away as of now and I only have my Dad's and Aunt Charlene's memories to sift through in order to know you better, but they were so little when you passed away there are only bits and pieces to be known.

You wore a bob, and oddly - so do I. We have the same high cheekbones and both our kids love us. You were tall and sturdy - and I am too. I'm proud to know we have this and probably much more in common.

But I wish I knew even more.

Even though I never met you, I see you a little when I look in the mirror.
You are missed.

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