Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fog dream

(Image by Crazytyler29 and found @ deviantart resources)

Cocooned in warmth and still in mid dream the day begins.
Foggy paths wait outside.
The glowing moon is still overhead and beaming down and into the window upon me.
I'm caught between night and day, darkness and light, sleeping and sight.

The life of my dreams is still moving along like a flickering old film,
but I can smell to coffee and hear the early morning shuffle rattling about the house.

Even the dog wants to stay asleep - she groans as my door is tapped open by an anxious-to-get-to-school-really-early teenager.

"I'm awake", I say - or maybe saying these words will start to get me there.

Somehow, placing my feet on the floor would be so much easier if I could recall the dream that's already vanishing like the fog, evaporating from the warmth of the Autumn sun.

Goodnight moon, hello sun -
The time to awake to the day at hand.
I have to leave the nightlife and shadow until the moon rises again.
Why do I only remember missing my dream's story,
and not the dream itself - in the light of day?

I don't know where you hide in the daylight,
but I hope you have happy dreams while you sleep.
Just like me -
I bet your chasing happiness while you dream and when you're wide awake.

T.L. Eastman Oct 2011

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