Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recycle, Re-purpose, Re-Lent

Earlier this week, I told you about my "sacrificial" efforts with giving away and selling off some old books,working to establish an online group to discuss and work through "sacrifice" for the Lenten season, and my frustration because of not knowing what specific thing to sacrifice for this season of reflection.

I was overwhelmed with possibilities, and decided to draw that feeling out in a sketch yesterday. As I began to process the feelings and words that spilled out on the page, I realized that it might be good to have a way to work through some of those ideas and feelings. So, I took out my markers - got out an old notebook - redesigned and added some color to yesterdays sketch - and made a space for me to express these things. I made a re-cycled journal to re-purpose some of my time during the Lent season.

Time is often the thing I'm least likely to use to refill my own well, and that needs to change. It's not that I'm giving up a tangible thing for Lent: (ie. chocolate,coffee) - but it may lead to giving away some tangible things. (Like some more books?) Each day, I will give a little daily time - taken from an overabundance of internet surfing or Netflix viewing - and pray, sit, write, draw with God about these things that swim in my mind and heart...but rarely make it onto paper.

It's time to fill the well and give some time to things that are deeper than another internet quiz. May your journey through Lent fill you in a way that nothing tangible can. This is my own hope too.


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