Friday, March 30, 2012

Rivers and stones give words to live by...

Image of my painting, "Ripples".

When taking classes at my local college a few years ago, I noticed a sign on my mentor's wall with the sketch of a rolling river on it. The quote on it was in Polish, so I had to ask him what it said.

He would smile and say, "You can't push the river."

This phrase has stuck with me since then. There are currents in life that can help progress move along or halt it; depending on if you work with the flow or fight against it. It's not that this quote is calling for us to flow aimlessly with whatever current you happen to be swimming in; but to think creatively about how to work with what you've got to get where you want to be.

Earlier today, a friend shared another quote with me. She said, "You can always turn over the stones."

If you put these two quotes together, I think you find a statement to live by.
"You can't push the river, but you can always turn over the stones."
Move with creativity and the will to look at things with hope and new eyes.

Keep moving, hold on to hope, and never underestimate the power of wading in the river of life looking for that perfect stone.

Grace and Peace,


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