Saturday, March 03, 2012

A new green hat

Cozy, warm and colorful.
Will you help to hold good ideas and thoughts close to my brain?
Will your bright colors keep an optimistic perspective close?
Will warm ears help me to listen more and speak less?

Soft, thick and comforting.
Can your woven strands help me keep it together?
Can the fleece lining remind me to be more gentle?
Can your depth remind me not to fall into shallow stuff?

New, thrifty and courageous.
Please help me be aware of the potential opportunities out there.
Please keep me aware that money isn't the answer to everything.
Please me to stand tall and proud on behalf of what really matters.

New, striped, green, hat -
it's amazing what you can find on a clearance rack if you look for it.

T.L. Eastman "March 2012"

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