Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dancing with G-d

The invitation was extended so long ago.
Yet I linger in the dark corners.
Counting the steps alone.
1, 2, 3, stumble.
1, 2, trip.
1,  I quit.

The light of your welcome lands on me where I stand.
Maybe even some angst.
All this illuminated for all to see.
I blush.
The heat of all my failed effort colors my face.

You come to my corner.
To the place I've wandered.
Taking the first step.
Reaching out to my sweaty hands.
Minding the tenderness of my heart and telling criticism to leave the dance floor.

"Let's try it again together" you gently offer.
Opening your arms as a place of safety and refuge.
"Don't count,
and follow me."

You've got the steps memorized.
You know what tune the band will play next.
You make your dance partner look graceful, beautiful, and radiant.
You give all you are to the dance,
so I can join in without fear.

Your invitation is extended in each day and every moment.
Help me to truly understand that you love to dance with me.
Help me to know that I'm missed when I scatter to lonely and dark corners.
Help me see that the choreography is complete only when I stand next to you,
You know the steps of every dance
and all the parts of me,
by heart.

Shall we dance?
I think we shall.
One polka, line dance, samba, waltz and pop-n-lock at a time.
Everyone is welcome on this dance floor.
Even me.

Copyright T.L. Eastman May 2012

This print image of "Three Dancers" by Picasso was found at the Picasso website and can be purchased at:


Mel said...

This is me and know that don't you?

How do you know that?

Oh, I know.......G-d.......

Tara Lamont said...

I'm so glad I have someone else to dance with. Thanks Mel. :)