Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letting Go of What Cannot be Held Back

Every day I receive an email from "The Writer's Almanac". With the help of a handy audio link, Garrison Keillor reads a biography of an interesting person as well as a daily poem. Today's poem was so impressive that I just had to share it. I hope it encourages each and every one who reads or hears it to..." Practice your own song. Now."

Grace and Peace -

Letting Go of What Cannot be Held Back

Let go of the dead now.
The rope in the water,
the cleat on the cliff,
do them no good anymore.
Let them fall, sink, go away,
become invisible as they tried
so hard to do in their own dying.
We needed to bother them
with what we called help.
We were the needy ones.
The dying do their own work with
tidiness, just the right speed,
sometimes even a little
satisfaction. So quiet down.
Let them go. Practice
your own song. Now.

"Letting Go of What Cannot be Held Back" by Bill Holm, from Playing the Black Piano. © Milkweed Editions, 2004. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

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