Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleeping with Bread returns?

Every Monday a blogging community (including yours truly) used to share in a meme called Sleeping with Bread. This meme centered on the following prompts based on the book "Sleeping with Bread".


You can phrase the question in any of the following ways:

For what am I most grateful? Least grateful?

When did I give and receive the most love? The least love?

When did I feel most alive? Most drained of life?

When did I have the greatest sense of belonging? Least sense of belonging?

When was I most free? Least free?

When was I most creative? Least creative?

When did I feel most connected? Least connected?

When did I feel most fully myself? Least myself?

When did I feel most whole? Most fragmented?

The idea went like this - 
Choose a question.
Post a response to the question.
Comment on at least one other person's post.
Share some life, by sharing some bread.

I've missed this blogging community and just wonder if there are any Bread bloggers out there that would like to start baking again? Let me know if you are interested in posting on Mondays to kick off your week or Fridays to wrap it up.

Peace and good bread.


Mel said... know me!

I've missed the inventory.
Mostly I've missed the centeredness that happened when I bothered. And the support that came from and through others.

Go recruit! I'm game!!

Tara Lamont said...

I've posted for today Mel - can't wait to read your bread!