Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anger does not equal hatred

Anger is a very real and volatile emotion. I do not want to discount those that have been mistreated or hurt as a result of it. Being on the receiving end of anger generally isn't pleasant. 

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However,  do not mistake anger as hatred. Anger is a secondary emotion that can come from a place of frustration, concern or deep care for people. It is an emotional vehicle that is misused all too often, but can also be rooted in love and be a means of defeating injustice and hatred.

Anger is a secondary emotion. It is important to seek the root of it - ugly or beautiful; if you are going to move towards any resolution or peace.

It is important to learn ways - healthy ways - for everyone to deal with anger. It's an emotion that we all experience from time to time. So instead of being the "elephant" in the room of relationships, lets give anger a chance to count to 10 and take a step toward restoration.

For some hints on how to deal with anger, go to: Anger Control tips.

Grace and peace,

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