Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bread for the road and evicting the gremlin

 I found this quote on a board in the dorm I'm staying in this weekend - who would have thought
that Joan Chittister would meet me here and greet me, just when I needed it the most.
St. Benedict's is a Benedictine Monastery that I visit regularly and it just so happens to be her home community. Coincidence - I think not. :) Here is a short video clip to see what kind of ministry these amazing ladies are active in every day...

Bread to take with me...
This week I'm in Dubuque, Iowa at Wartburg Theological Seminary for a weekend of intensive study in the area of Lutheran Worship. The work week has already been very full after a fun overnight with the Shared Lutheran Confirmation Youth on retreat, planning for an upcoming Youth Sunday, and getting ready to hit the road, and air today at 4am to head west to Wartburg. This bread may not be well thought out, but these things are the ones I take with me for the adventure ahead - I hope this "quick bread" is a blessing to you as well.

There have been many references back to last weeks' bread to "Keep, toss and donate" since last week's 
Sleeping with Bread. I've had a few opportunities to share it as a devotional prompt and have been thankful that it has resonated with some folks. That in itself has been some good bread for me.

What I've continued to leave behind is the nagging feeling of not quite making the cut in some academic terms. No one has told me this, except the gremlin in the back of my brain. But that nagging has held me somewhat captive in taking steps to write, read, and move forward on some school assignments this week. I know I need to press on, and will - but naming this gremlin just might be helpful in requesting it's quick exit.

There are some other amazing encouraging people out there: folks from Cohort B and C from the Princeton Seminary Youth Ministry Certificate Program. This group of folks have been and continue to be bread in my life in so many ways. My family has been fantastic. They have worked out work schedules, made meals, bought laundry soap and put up with my occasional grumpiness about what "Needs to be done!" Oh my, what a drama queen going back to school can make me at times. They are good at keeping the "queendom" rolling along.

For the last few weeks, a small group of folks have been meeting at lunch time once a week for conversation, scripture reading and discussion of moments where we take notice of God's presence and work in our lives and the lives of others. This sharing - especially the time of prayer has been uplifting to my heart.

What bread are you carrying with you this week? Can you pack it into a carry-on easily? Is it giving you life?
Can I give you a suggestion?

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If you have a gremlin on board as a stow-away, tell him to make a quick exit prior to reaching 30,000 feet - or else!

Grace and (A little gremlin booting) Peace,


Mel said...

Darn gremlins. LOL And what a rainy weekend for you in the midwest. I know the experience will outweigh whatever rain falls on the time spent--and I hope that the experience fills you with all the awe it avails you.

Tara Lamont said...

Thank you Mel - the gremlins can be a bit difficult to wrestle with at times. But I'm still pinning more that being pinned.