Sunday, February 10, 2013

At 22 and 42

At age 22 I didn't have a clue but had my husband and baby too.Lived inside an old business school, which was really cool and big too.
My heart was full of optimism, energy and hope.

Drove a used Omni car, it got us here and there; but not too for too long by far.
I did what I could to love my baby, husband as I best could. 
My friends were so close: next door, upstairs and a stroller walk if I needed to see them and should.

Now at 42 I know enough to say I probably still don't have a clue.Living in a house full of life and promise and time.I drive my days and hope to stretch them to last just a little bit longer and fuller.
How about you?

Doing my best, knowing I'm blessed and thankful for grace to start again.
My heart is open to what's just round the bend and beating with the hope that brought it to life way back then...

How about you?

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Linda Gross said...

You were beautiful at age 22 and even more beautiful at age 42. You have a lot of looking forward to do in the months ahead.