Friday, November 08, 2013

Roots of Renewal

There are days that feel out of sync.
They jumble, rustle, and rattle your center until all gravity is gone.
The ravens of change caw and cause you to shudder as you walk along the path ahead.
Are you really blazing a trail or just settling for a scenic route to avoid the potholes.

But each day, I'm told, is brand new.
And the restlessness can be a sign that something exciting and purposeful is growing here.
That flock of black birds could be calling me to pay some mind to the dew on the grass and the harvest in the fields that surround me.

Each step could be backwards, but there is movement.
There is progress.
Obstacles are being faced and filled in.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and roots don't grow deep overnight.
Renewal sometimes needs to be wrestled with, wandered around and waited for -
until one day something just fits.

There are days that feel out of sync - but this day something settled in with hope and will dig deep.

The ravens told me so.

Mixed Media Art and poetry T.L. Eastman / November 2013

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Darcy said...

Wonderful and full of hope and promise!