Friday, June 05, 2015

In the waiting

In the waiting there are tears and confusion,
but there are compassionately held tissue boxes, hot cups of coffee and long embraces.

In the waiting there is worry over the unknown
but then there is space to consider what else might be possible.

In the waiting there are long nights of talking through brambles and burdens,
but there are dawns of hope that take us by surprise and show up at the door.

In the waiting there is waiting, and waiting and waiting,
but there are caring prayers, calls, texts, and conversations unnumbered that full the seconds, minutes and days.

In the waiting are moments we never want to live.
But once we live them, we learn who we really are.

In the waiting
we are not

In the waiting
we are loved.

In the waiting
we are called to live.

In the waiting we know whatever happens,
it was worth the wait.

Art "Hearing" and poem by T.L. Eastman
 Copyright 2015 


Kathryn Ekstrom said...

How much I enjoy the essence of all of your sharing, Tara--from your face to the spoken word, written word, musically-expressed word, and visual word! Thank you…I strive to be content in the waiting.

Tara Lamont said...

Oh in the waiting is autobiographical - I'm terrible at it. I want to fix, solve and move into the doing 24-7. But sometimes, it's in the waiting that I'm discovering some amazing gifts of support and encouragement. Peace to you in your waiting time Kathryn.