Thursday, June 25, 2015

Light a candle

For the warmth,
for the pause,
for the need beyond words,
for the joy bubbling to the surface...
light a candle.

Because of the news we read,
because there is news we can't bear to read,
because there is news we can't wait to share...
light a candle.

In loss,
in abundance,
in the in-between,
in the hopes,
in the pits of despair,
and in the embrace of love...
light a candle.

For its flickering,
because it's light carries on even in the darkest of times,
in the way it reminds us that we are loved by a God that uses tiny things like
wax and wick
 to connect with us...
light a candle.

Image and poem by T.L. Eastman copyright 2015

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