Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friend for the journey - For Jenn

Carpooling, chaos and hard-headed spark.
Friends that are family, is us from the start.
Meals and museums and pages from old books,
these are just a few steps that we already took. 


Goliaths we've wrestled and they've made their mark, but this way that we walk-wobble-walk encompasses our whole human heart. 

Many cups of dark coffee and sharing a tune have been our mantra, our method our rune. The melody that greets us is one I can't hear too soon.

Gospel and grace give us hope for the days set before us. Laughter and space call us to stay close.

For this piece in the road  and the life that you've given - what a treasure, my friend, you are and always have been.

For Jenn Swift

Copyright 2015 T.L.Eastman

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