Friday, September 04, 2015

Friendship lessons

Friendships that last for over twenty years are rare.
My friend Heather and I met while working at a shopping mall when we were just entering our twenties. I worked at the music store and she worked at the book store.
One day we sat down and shared a cup of coffee and that was the start of sharing more life transitions than I can count...
marriages, children, career changes, returns to higher education, moving from our home state to others, and so much more. We stayed in touch through occasional visits, phone conversations and with the help of Facebook and social media.
We somehow, over the last twenty years, have retained the kind of friendship that simple picks up where we left off...

The last milestone for one of our kids.
The new job.
The loss of job.
The need of one of our kids.

Today after more years than I can recall, we did not have to visit via the internet or phone.
Today we had the chance to meet face to face and an amazing thing occurred...
We picked up right where we left off.
We talked about our families.
We shared our hopes for the future.
We, after over twenty years, enjoyed our gift of friendship over yet another cup of coffee...
and have come back to the place we started.

Thanks for being a sincere friend, for sharing your life with me and for that first cup of coffee over twenty years ago.

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