Wednesday, March 09, 2016

What really matters

Over the last several months, I've been practicing the art of taking into account what really matters. Through a variety of circumstances I think I've become more open to embracing beauty in each moment. Thankfully, there is a little person in my life that helps me with my practice, my grandson O.
At the age of two years, O has already helped return me to a place of playfulness when we spend time together. From acting out stories with his Dr. Who action figures and dueling with toy light sabers... we play ALL DAY!
O has also helped me to slow my pace a bit. He takes note of little things that I used to miss - like cool turtles in aquariums, kettle corn stands, and stopping to look at what is creeping along a nature trail path - because he's aware enough to notice.
The sweetness O shares with me is more than cotton candy and cookies. (Yes, there is cotton candy and cookies.) But his sweetness is a gift that lasts longer than any treat that can be bought. O's sweetness and joy is a gift that fills my heart to overflowing and also calls me to continue to practice the practice of taking account of what really matters.
Here, as a novice practitioner of gratitude, is what really matters - collecting and playing with toys that stir the imagination, discovering new creatures to ooh and ahh over, sharing cotton candy and getting your face and hands messy and holding hands to carefully cross the street (before we look both ways).
Especially life filled with moments with O.
O really matters.
Thank you O, you are a gifted gratitude teacher.

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