Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Photo by Beth

On my way to the office this morning, I passed by Burger King and was taken aback by the advert I saw on their sign.
"Try our Angry Whopper - it's the hottest burger in town!"
Never mind that their unusual burger's name did catch my attention of my early morning fogginess. I understand that the ad campaign is a gimmick, but all day I was bothered by the spirit of it. Does the world really need to be consuming and consumed by more anger?

Forgive my idealism, but why on earth would we want to consume something that stokes the fires of anger simmering within us? If the name if the burger isn't enough, you can go to Burger King's website to send "Angry-grams" to whomever happens to tick you off. Sorry BK, this ad campaign is just bad form!

Yes it's a sandwich. Yes it's supposed to be funny, but in a day where violence, war, and destruction rage on, I think a peace burger would be a better option. Maybe then it would need to be a veggie burger, but then again I'd be ok with that too.

How about less anger, more peace and a side of onion rings to share.
Now that's a meal I could swallow.

Go to Time magazine to see more about the photo essay, "The Peace Symbol's 50th Anniversary"

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