Thursday, February 26, 2009

Driving lessons

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While driving up the steep hill to work the other day, I was looking all round as I waited for a long red light to change to green. I looked towards the sky and noticed that even from the valley I was idling in, I could see the cross at the very top of the bell tower of the church I work at. My first thought was, "Wow I wonder if there are any other buildings that surpass the height of the cross up there?"

I looked across the skyline as I puttered up the hill, and could only find one building that could possibly be taller that the bell tower. City hall is one of the tallest buildings in town, but the communications antenna tower on top of the building looked to be close to the height of the cross of the church.

In looking the two highest points in my point of view that morning, I was amazed to consider how in practice and correspondence to each other how important faith and communications positions actually are. Faith should be a venue of uplifting and encouragement, so in that regard it should be something overarching in life. Communication is paramount in the progress and development of humanity, so it too should be something elevated in our lives. What if faith and communication (in their best example), were combined in application?

Just like my example of driving through a hilly northeast town, what if in practice faith and communication were the elements that uplifted giving people something to look to for support and hope? What if no matter where you travel in life, the church was a greater catalyst of expression, conversation and growth? Instead of being out of reach like a bell tower, what if the church was as in reach as the cell phone in your pocket?

Like a mobile phone, the church has the capacity of connecting people, giving direction, and being a resource of bridging community. It's great to have a goal or organization to look up to, but if there is a disconnect between what you see and what you experience, there can be an actual breakdown in relational willingness to be part of that community.

The cross is an image of grace that I look too every day, but that is my image and my perspective. How better can the message of grace be expressed so that all who have ears can have the opportunity to hear and experience grace for themselves? Sometimes what needs to change is the words used and the lives lived that are attempting to demonstrate the mystery of grace through faith. Then again, the message can be spoken or lived, but the spirit of God ultimately shoulders the rest of the work. Spirit of God - give all of us eyes to see and ears to hear.

I'm asking of ears to hear and eyes to see, even when I'm driving up the steep hill on my way to work in the morning. These are the kind of driving lessons I need: lessons in grace, inspiration and interactive church/world mobile communication. In a time so influenced by social networking and communication, what other choice is there?

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Mel said...

It's taken me forever to notice--but in the home of 'little towns' the thing I see when we're nearing is the steeple at the highest point.
Clearly seen.
Towering above it all.
The quiet, clear center.

Works for me.....