Saturday, February 14, 2009

Under the computer desk

Drawing I did of my daughter, around age 6.

Under the computer desk
and on the shelf
we found some memories,
of life that had been dealt.

On the shelf
and under the grime,
dust bunnies had collected
keeping company
with the history of our time.

Kindergarten, I think

There were found,
drawings, crayoned by my now almost sweet sixteen daughter's kindergarten hand
and baby picture's yellowed but delightfully grand.
Shuffling through those artifacts,
I saw a glimmer of joy surface in her eyes
reviving a life that I hadn't seen for a while.

Wipe off the dust
and remember from where you came
and step boldly and bravely
into the light and promise of this day, today.

Sweet Fifteen

T.L. Eastman


Mel said...


They grow up so fast.....

Lamont said...

I added more images to show the contrast. Blink - she changes again.
Sighing with you.