Sunday, March 01, 2009

Guitar hero is fun, but what about the old games?

I spent the afternoon playing my niece's new Wii. She got wii sport and guitar hero. My favorite game happened to be guitar hero as I managed to get 93% correct on "Eye of the Tiger" on my second attempt. Boxing was fun - although I think I should have fared better that the controller would register. Bowling was ok, and after all the excitement of the other games, probably the best way to wind down on a Sunday afternoon.

The best part of the afternoon was hanging out with my son. It made me long for the days of simple games: Gin Rummy, Scrabble and Old Maid. What games do you miss from your childhood?

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Mel said...

Old Maid....gosh, it's been a while....

What do I miss?


*laughing* Not that you'd know what that is.

Marbles would be fun.
I have marbles.....I could make that one happen....