Friday, March 06, 2009

Zumba Spring

Image from Mendochino College

Sunlight poured into the streaky windows of the downtown storefront,
as a natural yet unfamiliar rhythm coaxed our feet to move.

Smooth breath exhaled to gratefully take in the newly warmed air.

Students bared their winter white limbs as older folks smiled, as if they were remembering their own teenage spring long ago.

People walked taller, chatted longer, and took more time to linger
outside in the now non-frozen air.

Spring arrived quietly today as people worked in their offices and children sat in school.

Each one of us will celebrate spring in our own way:
long walks in the neighborhood,
driving windows down in a just washed car,
music pumping in the stereo and
smiles like I haven't seen since August.

Look around, take notice, don't miss it.


T.L. Eastman 09'

1 comment:

Mel said...

Oh you have a gift with words....

Very well done, ma'am.

Now--please send spring.