Monday, April 20, 2009

Sleeping with bread: busyness and blessing

There are some times that busyness wears me out and other kinds that seem to fuel the fires of creativity and life for me. This week was a mix of both kinds of "busy".

This last week was the second week of spring break for the school age kiddos in my community. So it marked the second week straight of working with my kids home with the break from school, having some more of my students back in town after trips away for Easter, and working on preparation for some additional art classes/workshops in the coming weeks.

One day last week, our youth group spent the day spring cleaning and reorganizing the youth room and kitchen. The cupboards are filled with sparking dishes and glasses thanks to a donation of kitchen wares from my co-worker Cathy. (Thank you!) Overall it was a productive day of clearing out three construction garbage bags full of trash, fostering team building and spending some quality time with the student. Nicest of all, both my kids (16 and 12) are in the youth group so it was a good cross over into family time too.

Unfortunately, I did not plan much breathing time into this last week or the next as I'd like, so I have the uncomfortable feeling of jumping on a huge roller coaster with my schedule. It's to late to get off and I'm committed to try and ride it out as gracefully as I can. Where's the Dramamine, eh?

Installment art called "Breathing Room".

Saturday, I ran in my second 5k race. I still have some training to do to get my time where it was last summer, but I'm happy that I got back to running again.

We tried to repair some toilet issues on our own too on Saturday, and by this morning I cried "Uncle!" as two plumber's vans pulled up at my neighbors house and took it as a sign to ask for help. I went out in the pouring rain and explained my humbling toilet issue with the plumber and by 1:30 today my toilet was repaired and in place. It turns out that the pipe leading to the bowl was in the plumbers words - "junk". So that has be totally replaced as well. My checkbook is a little lighter for the work to be done, but the relief of having it done correctly makes my heart feel even lighter.
Even more, as I stood and sorted my mountain of papers on my kitchen counter while the plumber was working in my bathroom, I came across an unexpected check that covered majority the cost of the repairs. Wow!

I can't help but feel like G-d really had my back on this one- Thank you!

If I pay attention, even in the midst of a hectic week, there is more bread to be eaten:

Hearing peeper frogs singing their "Cre - cre" song in the ponds as my hubby and I drove by on a warm spring night.

Being mistaken by some fellow runners as being their age - only 28 - I wish! Nice compliment though.

Getting all my papers to my Income Tax Angel Mary - she's a life saver!

Going on a road rally with my family and my husband's council members and co-workers. We were the first team back to the finish line and ended up tying for second place for the event. The best part was having all of us together and laughing our heads off as we were caught up in the excitement of the race. Thanks Gary and Penny for the lovely Sunday afternoon.

Having a sweet woman at the race come up to me after I sang, "The Star Spangled Banner", to tell me. "Wow, and to think we have talent such as yours in little old Jamestown." To be honest, she made me blush.

Even more, one of the nice families that we met at the rally really seemed to click with our family. The woman was so kind as to drop my hubby a line this morning that lifted my heart!

"Dear _____,
I just wanted to let you know (not that you don't know already) that you
have the most wonderful family! Your children are absolutely gorgeous
and your wife is simply lovely. I've been a bit under the weather and
was feeling a bit out of it yesterday. . . but we had such a nice time.
N---- and H------ are so well spoken and confident. . .It was a pleasure!"

More blushing.

In the midst of unexpected bills and drippy toilets, there is nothing to make my heart feel so full as the encouragement of my kids, my family and yes, my hubby and I. Isn't it amazing what a small act of kindness can do for someone's heart? Her kindness makes me want to be more proactive in giving more love too.
Kindness is catchy you see.
Even in the blur of this week, the bread was abundant as I took the time to seek it out.

Even in the blur of life, there is good bread.

What sweet words and experiences gave you some bread this week? How did the good help you press through the drippy stuff of life?


ashley said...

The compliments you were paid are absolutely lovely. Kindness is contagious, as the saying goes.
You have some really good bread to hold onto throughout the busyness. I pray that God gives you more to sustain you this week as well.

Lamont said...

Thank you Ashley - hopefully I will be able to give away some bread of kindness too!

Mel said...

You wrote it very well. And I'm pleased to see the kindness getting the recognition it so deserves.

That reminds me--I have an act or two of kindness I've been sitting on.....why, I have no clue.

NIKE time--just DO it!

Kindness is contagious!

Lamont said...

Random acts of kindness always need to be resurrected- thinking of the how, where, and when now too!

Skeeter said...

Hi! that was a great post. You're right about the random acts fo kindness. More is definitely better.

Best wishes,